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Why Do I Believe in Christ?

I’ve never given an account in print of why I believe in Christ but I feel a compulsion to do so now and largely for two reasons. The first is that my four sons have all reached a stage in life in which they exhibit what I would term a healthy skepticism. They all profess faith in Christ but they have good questions, some of which I had and some of which I still have. Secondly, I’m a facilitator in a course for skeptics, agnostics, and atheists and so I've been thinking a lot about my own journey. How I narrate the following bears the influences of C.S. Lewis and Alvin Plantinga. 
I was raised in a devout Christian family and my parents introduced me early on to the reality of sin, the temptation of the devil, the person and work of Jesus and other key dimensions to the Christian message. This inclines some to devalue my faith as if it were simply the product of early indoctrination. It seems illogical, however, to allege that one’s views should be doubted simply because they were …

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