Continuity of Covenants, Part One

This is a general response to some things Charlie raised.

One of the pillars of the argument for infant baptism is the theological continuity apparent in Scripture between old and new covenants. It is very instructive to us that in Romans 4 the apostle Paul, in his polemic (argument) with Judaizers, appealed to Abraham to make his case. The Judaizers were insisting that, in order to be a true Christian believer, one must be circumcised and rigidly follow the ceremonial laws (regarding food and feasts) unique to the Mosaic (old) administration. Essentially Paul says, "But it wasn't so for Abraham."

Paul regards Abraham as the normative believer, the prototypical believer. God regarded Abraham as righteous before he was circumcised, quite apart from any adherence on his part to any Mosaic ceremonies and rituals. Ergo, we today can be regarded as righteous in God's eyes apart from circumcision and Mosaic ceremonies and rituals. Our relationship with God is unlike the relationship the Israelites had with God in the Mosaic covenant (which relationship involved all these rituals and ceremonies) and comparable to the relationship God had with Abraham.

So, if Abraham is the prototypical believer, and his children were included in covenant with God, our children today ought to be included in covenant with God. As Paul says to the Galations the Mosaic covenant did not annul the Abrahamic covenant.

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