Questions for the CanRC (7) -- REVISITED

There's second quotation from Calvin about the inseparability of faith and works I should have included in my earlier post. This too is from his commentary on 1 John (4:7): "But two things in the Apostle's words ought to be noticed, -- that the true knowledge of God is that which regenerates and renews us, so that we become new creatures; and that hence it cannot be but that it must conform us to the image of God. Away, then, with that foolish gloss respecting unformed faith. For when any one separates faith from love, it is the same as though he attempted to take away heat from the sun."

Faith and works are as inseparable as the sun's light and the sun's heat. But just as the sun's heat does nothing to help us see, so the works we do do not avail for justification.

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